Answered By: Catherine Collins
Last Updated: May 12, 2020     Views: 165

When you click on the database that you wish to use, you should be taken to an SJU page that asks you to log into our proxy system.  Please use your SJU username and password to log-in.  Once you're verified as a current student or member of the faculty or staff, you should be taken to the database you initially clicked on.

If you don't get this log-in page or if you get the page but the log-in doesn't appear to work, you should -

1) Restart your computer: It could be that your computer simply needs to be restarted.  Close everything, shut down your computer, wait 2-3 minutes, then restart it and try to access the database again.

2) Check for a firewall:  If you're trying to access a subscription-based database (such as Academic Search Premier, ABI/Inform, ProQuest Research Library, Mergent, etc.) and you're at work, your company may have a firewall in place for security purposes which can block you from using our databases.  SJU has no control over this, so you will have to either speak with the IT staff at your place of employment or wait to access the databases from your home computer or at SJU.

3) Try something else or try later:  It could be that the database you want or our off-campus proxy server is temporarily down.  Try accessing a different database or try accessing the system later in the day.