Answered By: Deborah Lenert
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2021     Views: 89

Kanopy is one of five streaming video collections available through the SJU Library. Kanopy works on a patron-driven acquisition (PDA) process, meaning that you can select a film for the library to purchase. Currently, our Kanopy subscription is set up to alert library staff when an SJU user requests a video for purchase rather than allowing automatic purchases.  If you request a video through the Kanopy platform, library staff will contact you.
Faculty: if you have a list of films you need for your students, please contact your liaison, who can assist you with finding particular films. 
The following films are available for on- or off-campus viewing with your SJU credentials.  Please note the expiration date for each group.
Expiring 30 Sep 2021
Expiring 31 Oct 2021
Expiring 30 Nov 2021
Expiring 31 Dec 2021
Expiring 13 Jan 2022
Expiring 25 Jan 2022
Expiring 29 Jan 2022
Expiring 31 Jan 2022
Expiring 03 Feb 2022
Expiring 08 Feb 2022
Expiring 22 Feb 2022

In The Executioner's Shadow

Expiring 24 Feb 2022
Pushout: the Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools  
Expiring 24 March 2022
Expiring 20 April 2022

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Expiring 27 July 2022

Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

Expiring 08 September 2022

Whose Streets? - An Unflinching Look at the Ferguson Uprising

Expiring 22 March 2024