Answered By: Brendan Johnson
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1. Within your Canvas course, navigate to your “Modules” page from the left sidebar and select a module, or create a new one, where students can access this list.

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2. Click the grey “+” on the right-side of the module next to the gear button to open the Add Item box.

3. At the top of the box, open the dropdown menu that reads “Assignment” and select the “External Tool” option.

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4. Select “Discover: Discover Reading Lists by EBSCO” and scroll down to “Page Name” to name your list. Click “Add Item” when finished. (We recommend naming by official course ID/instructor like ABC 140_Lastname)

5. Click the list name to open the tool.

6. Select “See Current Reading List”

7. Select “Import from Existing List”

8. Browse the second menu called All Public Lists and select your course’s list

9. Select the individual readings you would like to import or select "Check All" and click Copy Selected Readings

10. You should now see all your course readings on your list