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Discover for Learn is a tool that connects the library’s Discover database and catalog with Blackboard Learn. It helps library staff create reading lists that are cleared for copyright and able to be shared among courses. Lists can link to full text articles, e-books, e-journals, scanned book chapters, and print book records.

How do I get a list in Discover for Learn?

Submit your reading list to the SJU library staff. We will assemble your list for you following our copyright procedures. Once it is ready for copying we will help you copy it to your course.

What technology do I need?

Make sure to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer only work intermittently.

How do I copy my list once it’s ready?                                         

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard course.

  2. Choose a Content area from the left menu. This is where your list will be accessed by students: it could be Course Content, Syllabus, or another content area you’ve created

  3. Under the Tools Menu in the content area as shown, Select Discover for Learn
  4. Name your list and click Submit (We recommend

naming by official course ID/instructor like ABC 140_Lastname)

  1. Click the list name to open the tool.
  2. Select “See Current Reading List”
  3. Select “Import from Existing List”
  4. Browse the second menu called All Public Lists and select your course’s list
  5. Check all and click Copy Selected Readings
  6. You should now see all your course readings on your list.

How do I see the student view of my list?

Log out of Blackboard Learn and log back in as a Test Student account. If you don’t have a test student account, click Add Test Student under Course Tools on the left menu of your course. Do not use the typical Preview button (pictured right) as it will not work.

Ordering items

Drag and drop items into order by clicking the box around the item and holding down the mouse.

Adding folders

  1. Click Add Folder

  2. Name and save your folder

Move each item to the appropriate folder using the drop-down menu.